Council Charter

To whom it may concern – Greetings:

Whereas, it having been made known to the Officers of the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus that a sufficient number of eligible men residing in the city of Crystal Lake in Illinois have duly petitioned that they be granted a charter and authorized to organize and maintain a Council of the Knights of Columbus within said city and it appearing to be for the benefit of said Knights of Columbus that their petition be granted.

Therefore be it known that the duly authorized Officers of the Knights of Columbus by and with the consent of said Supreme Council hereby authorize and direct the following named gentlemen to assemble and work as a regularly constituted Council of the Knights of Columbus to be designated by the name

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Council No. 10678

Gary Andresky Mark C. Baldacci Phillip G. Becerra
Richard J. Brincks Timothy J. Brocker Thomas R. Clements
Brian F. Cory James Dirksen Carl A. Dissette
Richard A. Doro Michael T. Ellis Michael J. Fleck
Wayne Grabowski Timothy E. Graff Paul Hayden
Thomas W. Hines Kevin D. Hoepkerf Peter J. Hoffmann
Charles T. Homan Dale E. Instefjord John J. Kearney
John F. Keaton William E. Keehan, Jr. Jerry A. Kirchberg
John F. Krausen Albert F. Kretschmer Rev. Joseph F. Kulak
John S. Kuznowicz Arthur F. Lambert Jack J. Miller
Ronald Modrich Albert J. Panucci David Pentz
Steven H. Pogorzelski Michael D. Retzlaff Michael P. Riley
Daniel D. Roycroft Gerald M. Russo John H. Ruszkowski
Steve W. Scott Richard P. Spangler Jonathon M. Staller
Theodore Tessier Bernard A. Van Ham Andy Voloch
Robert Wagner Helmuth R. Webster James J. Whitney

And we do hereby Grant to said Brothers aforesaid to receive members and perform all work of the Knights of Columbus agreeable to the usages of the Knights of Columbus to exact from their members such fees as they shall judge necessary for the support of their Council, and regular payments of all legal dues and assessments and to observe with due respect all ordinances emanating from the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus.

In Testimony Whereof We have hereunto affixed our names under the seal of the Supreme Council.

Virgil C. Dechant Supreme Knight

Given this Twenty-third day of July 1991

Charles P. Riesbak, Jr. Supreme Secretary